Longstone trading

Mr Yakup Uzuntas is operating his business as a street market trader (Turkish Delights, Turkish Deserts, Turkish Sweets, etc.) under the name of Longstone Trading.

Handmade according to traditional recipes hundreds of years old, our Turkish baklava is the real deal. Crushed pistachio kernels nestled between hand stretched filo pastry, topped with sweet honey syrup and melted country butter. We go to great lengths to source the absolute best baklava, fulfilling our strict criteria of all natural ingredients and low sugar syrups. 

We at Longstone Trading have taken wealth of knowledge to bring you our own unique take on this most beloved of sweets. And after one bite, we’re sure you’ll agree, that we’ve managed to capture the essence of what makes our products so universally popular.

Each slice savorily melts in your mouth – Longstone Trading is the best around!

– Ozlem Camural, a real customer
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